Esteem Dance I Health Benefits of Dance

10 great reasons to get in the habit of dancing now and always keep dancing.

1. Youthful benefits: Staying active is a great way to maintain our youth and dancing is an excellent activity to accomplish that. It's benefits are comparable to those of competitive bicycling, swimming and an Olympic runner. It really helps our heart and increases our lung capacity.

2. Want to burn calories? How does 5-10 calories/ minute. All while improving stamina. Try monitoring how many calories you're burning with different styles of dance.

3. Stay coordinated: As we age we lose coordination and balance. Dancing strengthens the muscles that assist in those areas. The benefits are numerous, including, better reflexes, fewer injuries, and helps our nervous system.

4. Bones and joints: Keeping our bones strong and joints lubricated is essential as we age. Dancing is a very good way to accomplish this and avoid the effects of arthritis and osteoporosis.

5. Good blood bad blood: To get a true picture of our health we need to know the the level of HDLs (good cholesterol) and LDLs (bad cholesterol). Dancing helps raise our HDLs and helps control blood sugar.

6.Grooming: Of course we want to dance with with someone who has good hygiene, so this gives us the incentive to be well groomed ourselves.

7. Make and keep friends: Doing something fun together while learning new things and helping each other.

8. Improved memory: Remembering steps and routines is a great workout for our brains.

9. No boundaries: A great way to be culturally diverse and meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

10. Pleasant and happy: Stress and depression, who wants them? And how can they be around when we're dancing? What a great way to chase away the blues, but by dancing? Also a big boost to our self esteem