Why Choose Esteem Dance?

Why choose Esteem Dance?

There are so many dance studios in the Sandy and Draper area.  How can you know where you should go?  Why should you choose Esteem Dance?

At Esteem Dance in Draper, we consider ourselves to be partners in raising and educating healthy, happy, successful individuals.  We place a high value on the importance of education and maintaining healthy family relationships.  We are a second family to our dancers and we work very diligently to reinforce the values that parents want to see in their girls: values like honesty, integrity, dependability, accountability, and many more.  Parents love to see the people their children become as a result of being around the positive culture that we have created. 

Children naturally love to move, dance and play, but sometimes they don’t see the excitement in developing qualities like focus, self-discipline, and goal setting.  At Esteem Dance, we show our dancers the correlation between the physical things they naturally gravitate to and the internal skills they will need to be successful throughout their lives.  Through the medium of dance and through specific coaching from our teachers, our students gain a new and expanded view of their potential. 

You will probably find decent instruction and qualified teachers at most dance studios you look into.  For certain, we have that in spades, as well.  The difference at Esteem Dance is that you will not find teachers anywhere who care about their students more than here.  We go above and beyond the standard of teaching quality dance.  We go to the extent of one-on-one coaching when students are struggling and need a mentor to talk to.  We have even gone to students’ schools with them todiscuss with their teachers how we can help support their efforts in educating their students.  Our students really do become part of our family when they walk into our doors.

Parents in the dance world often are concerned with the morals and standards being taught at their studio.  At Esteem Dance, we place a very high priority on making absolute sure that the music selections are appropriate.  Any music we use is always vetted and edited if necessary to avoid anything inappropriate.  Similarly, we assure parents that the costumes we use will always be cute, fun, fitting for the routine and, above all, modest.  We will never have our dancers wear something that we would be 100% comfortable dressing our own girls in.

If you’re considering dance for yourself or someone in your family and you live in the Sandy or Draper area, please call or come in and try out classes for a week for free!  We promise that you’ll be impressed by our teachers and staff and that you’ll be comfortable and excited to have us start working with your family!  Our phone number is (801)898-4044 and our email is esteemdancedraper@gmail.com if you have any questions.  We would love to show you how we empower lives through dance.